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The Rancho Cucamonga Domestic Violence Lawyer Standing Up for You

Don't delay in retaining a domestic violence lawyer if there is abuse in your domestic relationship. The Law Office of Aletha J. Smith, PC, in Rancho Cucamonga will assist you in protecting your well-being. We help any domestic abuse survivors and those accused of domestic abuse in San Bernardino County and Riverside County, and we are only one phone call away.

Abuse comes in a number of forms, such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, direct and indirect threats, stalking, and harassment. There is nothing more important than your personal safety and security, and Aletha Smith can assist you with court-ordered protections and restraining orders to ensure you are shielded from future abuse.

The Law Office of Aletha J. Smith, PC, stands up for domestic violence victims, as well as those accused of domestic violence. We have the experience and knowledge to provide the right protections for our clients. You have rights. We fight for them.

A Dedicated Domestic Violence Attorney for San Bernardino County & Riverside County

When you entrust the Law Office of Aletha J. Smith, PC, with your case, your domestic violence attorney will help you obtain one of the available restraining orders to ensure you are protected while we diligently navigate the legal process.

  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO): This type of restraining order is issued by the court. In most cases, a temporary restraining order will last 15 days or up to the hearing to pursue a permanent restraining order. Cases that involve a personal injury allow individuals to obtain a temporary restraining order without notifying the offending party. At the next hearing, the offending party may be present.
  • Permanent Restraining Order (PRO): This type of restraining order can be issued for as many as five years. However, prior to the permanent restraining order's expiration, it may be renewed. At hearings involving permanent restraining orders, both parties may testify, call witnesses for testimony, or provide evidence to support their case.

Get in touch with Aletha Smith and ask her to be your domestic violence lawyer. She will take the necessary steps to protect your well-being and your rights. Call now.

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